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Sound Off for Oct. 20: ‘Andre Kaufman is the best man’ for the job

Ocean Springs Public Works Director Andre Kaufman attends Board of Alderman meeting on Monday, April 6, 2015.
Ocean Springs Public Works Director Andre Kaufman attends Board of Alderman meeting on Monday, April 6, 2015. SUN HERALD

Best is yet to come

Dow over 23,000 is a big deal. It means that certainty and confidence in the Trump economy is increasing in the minds of businesses. And this is based only on the promise of good things to come. Just wait till tax reform hits the streets.

Thanks, BPD

My compliments to the Biloxi Police Department and all others who step up to defend decency and order in our community. Press on and keep up the good work.

Museum material

“To Kill A Mockingbird” was removed as a required reading for eighth-graders in Biloxi, because it’s offensive and it makes people uncomfortable. Well, the Confederate flag is extremely offensive and divisive, yet it’s still part of our state flag. This is why no major companies locate here and national events are not held here. Mississippi will never be a progressive state until that Confederate flag is put in a museum where it belongs.

The man for the job

Andre Kaufman is the best man for the public works director in Ocean Springs. First, he knows the city operations far better than the other out-of-town candidates. Second, without question he led the Public Works Department to the outstanding department that it is. Ocean Springs set the standard for a clean, well-maintained town under his leadership. Third, in the event of another major storm, no one knows FEMA and MEMA regulations and procedures as well as Andre. This was proven many times over as Ocean Springs recovered from Katrina. Andre is not a yes man. He will always do what is best for the city. I hope the alderman have the courage to choose the best man for the job, not necessarily the politically correct man for the job.

Customer demands

Some residents in Gulfport will continue to have Waste Pro for our trash/garbage and recycle. We didn’t have a choice. The only problem I have with them is the awkward recycle bins. I have been an avid recycler for several years, which does require some extra effort not to mention difficulty carrying those bins to the curb. So, I will not recycle again until Waste Pro provides the same rolling recycle cans that everyone else in South Mississippi has been provided by their new trash companies. I am a senior citizen and have pulled my back several times trying to pick up those awkward bins and I’m also concerned about falling trying to carry them. They don’t drain water well and paper becomes very heavy after a rain. It is not worth hurting myself. So going forward my recycle items will go out with the garbage, which is actually a lot more convenient. Plus I can be sure it will be picked up twice weekly and not just every other Friday.

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