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Sound Off for Oct. 16: We should teach uncomfortable truths

This book cover shows Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill A Mockingbird.’ Lee, the elusive author of the best-seller, died in February 2016. She was 89.
This book cover shows Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill A Mockingbird.’ Lee, the elusive author of the best-seller, died in February 2016. She was 89. AP

Stop the pop

Could the Sun Herald please print more information and a point of contact to notify concerning the control of popcorn trees.

Editor’s Note: To report tallow trees, aka popcorn trees, to the Mississippi Forestry Commission program, go to the internet site at https:// tallowtree, tap on the green “plus” symbol, and follow the directions to report a popcorn tree sighting. Be as specific as possible.

Turn it down

Tired of people playing their music too loud at all hours of the night and morning? There is no respect for others when you do this. There are ordinances against noise. Have a little respect for others. The police should be able to issue tickets just like traffic tickets. If they don’t, it won’t stop.

Teachable moment

To the father who posted being proud of his son for protesting the NFL, that should have been a teachable moment. He has a constitutional right to protest just like the players have a constitutional right to protest. The constitution does not stipulate in what manner or form.

Sad truth?

Most people are living a lie.

Sad sight

Are our local municipalities exempt from the Americans With Disabilities Act? It is both heartbreaking and sickening to see folks in wheelchairs and even pedestrians having to traverse in the street for the lack of usable sidewalks along our major thoroughfares.

Unpleasant truth

Life is not fair or comfortable. One cannot live in a safe space bubble and thrive. Our educational system should teach uncomfortable truths from unpleasant aspects of our history. The book in question, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” is an all-time favorite of Oprah Winfrey. What would Oprah think?

Not again

Just saw we made headlines on the internet. Thanks to the Biloxi School District for making us the butt of more jokes. Mississippi’s loss.

Not getting mine!

No, you won’t get any of my Saints season tickets. I burned them! Boycott the NFL!

Don’t do it

Biloxi, is our home. Please don’t (book banning) be the reason Biloxi makes national news. “To Kill a Mockingbird” is famous and is one of the best Teaching tools written in a time many do not remember. It should be used to note the many things wrong in the past They should not be repeated. Give the students the choice of several books and let them choose the right one for them. Shame on the school for falling in line with the censorship of learning tools.

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