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Sound Off for Oct. 14: Litter on highways ‘casts our state in very poor light’

A discarded trash can along litters the side of Old Highway 67 along with lots of other trash.
A discarded trash can along litters the side of Old Highway 67 along with lots of other trash. Sun Herald file

Way to go!

Mississippi Gulf Coast, 1. Hurricane Nate, 0. Had lights and most importantly AC, throughout a category 1 hurricane. That’s what I’m talking about, Mississippi Power!


Quit rebuilding piers. Quit wasting money.

Wrong department

Let me see if I can clarify this for you. The “Protect and Serve” department has no control over traffic lights. It does absolutely no good to document traffic light issues if you can’t get anyone who is in charge to actually do anything about it. Got it?


How sad that Biloxi eighth-graders won’t experience the moving lessons of Harper Lee’s literary masterpiece, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” The “N word” is used in a context to demonstrate bigotry, not to encourage or praise racism. The lessons of compassion, empathy and both the strengths and weaknesses of the human spirit are particularly relevant in these days of divisiveness in our society. Reconsider this short-sighted decision.

End of racism

Finally, a local school district has admitted that racism doesn’t exist or, at least, doesn’t exist at a level that is worthy of discussing in literature. Unlike the rest of the United States and many other countries, we have progressed beyond the attitudes of 1930s Alabama and no longer need to discuss this topic. Great job, Biloxi!

Tune out

The NFL on ESPN tried to pull a fast one on Thursday Night Football. I turned it on to see the national anthem and what the players were going to do only to find out it was not televised. The NFL is again trying to hoodwink the American football public. I turned it off and still refuse to watch any NFL until they show all teams standing with their hands over their hearts and not locked arms. If you noticed the locked-arms players always have a hand on the shoulder of the ones kneeling down in support. The ratings are steadily going down and that means money out of their pocket.


I am embarrassed and ashamed to call myself a Mississippian when I (daily) travel U.S. 49 and Mississippi 67. The week before Cruisin’ The Coast, the highways were strewn with litter. The immediate coastal cities are usually clean, but north of the Coast, you see litter about every 5 feet, both sides. Is anyone in charge of this mess? Is anyone in charge of enforcing the litter laws? This casts our state in a very poor light to visitors.

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