Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 11: Laws could not have prevented Vegas shooting

Pick it up

What is wrong with people who allow their dogs to do their business on public property, then don’t bother to pick up after them?

Wasteful prank

Vice President Pence’s grandstanding cost taxpayers money and was a slap in the face to those seeking Social Justice #TakeAKnee.

Tired of his winning

I will not be watching “Jeopardy” any more until that clown contestant has departed the show. It is time to go back to the original five nights, Monday-Friday. If he wants to act the clown, go join the circus.

Laws don’t work

The shooter in Las Vegas was a very wealthy individual who had no record, was in good standing with the casino management. Every weapon he owned was legally purchased. For all intent he was an upstanding citizen. What laws could have prevented this atrocity?

Proper terms please

Every time we have a storm someone in News on TV or newspaper calls the Mississippi Sound on the Beach an ocean. We do not live near an ocean. We live near the Mississippi Sound which is an inlet from the Gulf of Mexico.

Thanks for power!

A big “thank you, job well done” to Singing River Electric Power Association. Monday afternoon, around 4 p.m., a transformer in our yard blew. I called the SREPA outage number and within 10 minutes 5 trucks arrived. We had power within 15-20 minutes. Thank you, guys and gals!

Go underground

After numerous hurricanes decimating the power grid, it seems that the power companies would consider putting the lines underground like our European neighbors. After traveling Europe there are no overhead power lines along with phone and cable. High tension are the only visible cables.

Respect the flag!

Enough! I am sick and tired of the NFL players kneeling and showing disrespect. They are not only showing disrespect to the American Flag but to all those who have and are serving our military under the flag. The NFL handbook states that players must stand for the pledge of allegiance. If they don’t stand, it’s time to get in their wallets, charging a steep fine and donating those fines to charities that help our veterans. If you continue to watch and support the NFL, then you are no better! At some point we must stop the down spiral before we become a third world country.

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