Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 5: ‘If you see something, say something’ at local hotels


Reason to drain

Let’s face it, Mississippi. Our U.S. Senators Cochran and Wicker are two reasons why the swamp needs to be drained.


How do you get the parents of kids who have paint-balled a house or papered it to clean up or pay the bill to do so? They can just say, we won’t.

Proper respect

Here’s another reason to love the Cruisers. In Moss Point on Tuesday morning, the mayor held opening ceremonies, using an excellent PA system to welcome all the Cruisers and visitors, who were spread out over several city blocks, enjoying the cars. The ceremony began with a fantastic local vocalist, singing the national anthem. At the first note, everyone there stopped what they were doing, stood up, and put their right hands over their hearts. They didn’t sit. They didn’t kneel. They didn’t lock arms. They just paid tribute to the country that allows them to live in freedom.

Speak up!

I would truly hope that some employee of the Island View Casino (Jones Park), Beau Rivage (MGM Park), Harrah’s and Margaritaville (The Great Lawn) would take notice of someone checking in with 10 suitcases. People need to remember these few words — “if you see something, say something.” It might be your life at stake.


Thank you, Mr. Mayor of Gulfport, for Waste Pro. For the 10th time I will have to call tomorrow and tell them they missed not only my alley but also most of Poplar Circle. Good job! Again, thank you for those tiny recycle boxes also.

Back off!

Delbert Hosemann acts like he personally owns the Coast. He needs to stay in Jackson and look for a job. We don’t need him here on the Coast.


To “Anyone care?” You recklessly claim President Trump is undermining our democracy. You have any facts to support this outrageous claim?


There are three things we are desperately missing in Congress today: the courage to stand up for what is right; the compassion for all Americans; and the common sense to just do the decent thing.

Can’t force freedom

This is a free country. We don’t need to force people to stand for the National Anthem. It goes against what our country stands for.

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