Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 25: Why do phones keep getting so expensive?

Making us great

It really should not surprise me how people view different opinions now a days. In years past it was OK to have a different opinion. Now some people believe that their opinion on a certain writer or news source or even a brand of ice cream is the one that is right and the other opinions are just wrong or far left or right. If this is you then you are whats wrong in this country. We as a nation are built on different ideals and opinions. It’s what makes us great.

As suspected

Finally good to see an article, on the front page no less, about the dangers of the oil dispersants and health. I’ve been saying since the very first time they sprayed them it was going to kill everything in the water that was important for the survival of so many creatures. I suspect some company made a good bit of money doing that one.

Yearbook wanted

I am researching my family history and I am looking for a 1949 Gulfport High School yearbook. I contacted the school system and they do not have any yearbooks dating back that far nor do they have graduation records. If you have a GHS 1949 yearbook, please email me at

Not in my house

Since some overpaid, disrespectful pro athletes have no respect for the United States White House and refuse an invitation, I will refuse to let them come into my house. I will not watch them on television.

Simple solution

If you don’t like the behavior of the professional athletes, don’t buy tickets and don’t buy products of the sponsors.

Get real

I agree 100 percent with our president, absolutely disrespectful to not stand for the national anthem! Roger Goodell needs to get real.

Too high?

I went to a fast food restaurant in Ocean Springs and when paying the bill discovered there is a 9 percent tax on food. Is it me or does anyone else think that is exorbitant, especially for food. I will pay closer attention from now on.


To What’s Wrong: it’s a widely known concept that has been repeatedly criticized yet apparently fully embraced by most parents today: the sick disease known as Entitlement. And it’s disgusting.

Better question

Why are smartphones that only last a short time getting more expensive when all other electronics are coming down in price?

Too old?

I saw Mississippi Southern Transportation Commissioner Tom King on a news program Sunday morning. Are you kidding me? He must be 90 years old. I wish the voters of this state would trust new candidates and ideas. Incredible!

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