Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 23: Stop skipping trash pickups

A Wastepro truck picks up garbage in Gulfport on Tuesday, July 18, 2017. Separate trucks pick up recycling.
A Wastepro truck picks up garbage in Gulfport on Tuesday, July 18, 2017. Separate trucks pick up recycling.

Step back

Gulfport’s settlement with HCUA: Looks like “One Coast” has taken a step back.

Let them know

The Mississippi Gulf Coast needs to let Snow Birds who go to Florida and the Keys know that we welcome them.

Still waiting

I live in College Park subdivision in Gulfport. We are supposed to have twice weekly pickups. We only had one pickup in the last two weeks. Still waiting.

Not a faker

I may not always agree with Paul Hampton’s opinion but he does his research and gives his honest opinion; no fake stuff by Paul.

No problem

I just read the instructions on my new recycling container, so many things you can’t put in the container. I will not recycle and I will continue to dump everything in the garbage container. End of problem!

Thank you!

Using prefab concrete to keep the sand off the Beach Road sounds like a great idea. Thank you, Mayor Gillich for addressing the problem and not burying your head in the sand. Keep up the good work.

What’s wrong?

Long Beach, what is wrong with your teenagers? When they’re driving, they will pull out in front of us, and then flip you off. This isn’t something new,this has been going on for months and years.

I stand by it

Wow! I guess I hit a nerve with the contingent of local libs, but I stand by my words. Paul Hampon’s writings are nothing more than the same drivel one can get in the Huffington Post and Vox. And that ain’t good either.

No service

Waste Pro skipped a week of recycle pickup. Now regular garbage has been skipped. Our regular day is Wednesday but here it is Thursday night and all of our cans are still on roadside. I have called twice but still no show. It’s not just me. It’s the entire subdivision. Our cans are put at curb the night before scheduled pickup. Hope our new service will be better.

Could or couldn’t?

Here we go again! The person who made the comment in the Sound Off Friday morning about the bad TV Emmy Awards incorrectly said that he/she “couldn’t” care less instead of “could” care less about watching the Emmys.

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