Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 21: Fix the dips and bumpy highways File

No stylist needed

I don’t need a hair stylist. My pillow gives me a new hairstyle every morning.

Education is key

The economy will grow when education becomes more accessible.

Glad in Gulfport

New Orleans resides in a flood-prone hole. It’s got high crime and high rent. I’m glad I live in Gulfport.

Glum Old Party?

I don’t get it. The Republicans seem to always be defensive and unhappy. You won the election. What gives?

Teach them

I see an inmate cutting the grass at the highway patrol office on Mississippi 67 every week, and it doesn’t even need it. Why can’t the state get inmates to pick up trash and teach them to mow with tractors on highways?

About time

For the first time since the project on Division Street started, someone decided there needed to be a flashing sign on I-110 warning about the construction and suggesting that you use Bayview. What brought that on? Better late than never! Geeesh!

Miserable place

I’ve been at the car tag office in Biloxi for 35 minutes. Two people working. No one who works here is in a hurry, no one smiles. No one steps up to explain to young and old alike, what could possibly be taking so long. They all look absolutely miserable. And it’s like this every time I come here.

It’s just you

In response to “Just Me,” yep its just you. Quite a few of us at work find the pieces written by Paul Hampton a nice change, entertaining, and sometimes a good eye-opener to the other side of the spectrum. Keep up the good work, Hampton. We the majority are enjoying your outlook.

Bumpy roads

I-110 from the Bay Bridge to U.S. 90 has been the bumpiest stretch of road since it was opened. Did the same company work on Tradition Parkway between Mississippi 67 and E. Wortham Road? It looks like roots are growing underneath the road and people are bottoming out with the dips. Speaking of dips, who is going to fix the dips on Mississippi 67 northbound north of the highway patrol? I’m going to hurt my back.

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