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Sound Off for Sept. 20: She went to get gas and dropped her money purse. Now it’s gone

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My wallet is like an onion. Opening it makes me cry.


Everyone is offended by something these days. Now it’s a plant of cotton in a Hobby Lobby store. Geez! Give me a break.

Shut it down

Saints should go ahead and shut down the operation. Benson needs to sell the whole thing while it’s still worth a few dollars.

Just me?

I can’t be the only one who thinks Paul Hampton’s snarky pieces in the Sun Herald is a waste of so-called “editorial” space.

Too long

The Saints have been so bad for so long, it is more than just players. The defensive theories that upper management and the head coach subscribe to are lacking. Sean Payton has become too predictable.

Another spot

I suggest the DMR consider using the south side of New Round Island for the oyster aquaculture farm. It would probably be the highest and best use of the island for now and the future.

Bad TV

Apparently almost no one in America watched the Emmys broadcast. I was one of them. Didn’t know it was on and wouldn’t have bothered to watch anyway. I couldn’t care less about seeing liberal and Hollywood elitists bash President Trump for hours. They are the worst examples to sermonize the rest of us.

Great event

Congratulations to Ocean Springs for hosting another great Mississippi Songwriters Festival this past weekend. I’m so glad this feel-good event is growing and drawing the professional talent we look forward to each year. Hopefully one day it can rival the famous Frank Brown international song festival which is huge for Gulf Shores every year.

Sad situation

This is for the person who found my money purse at the gas station. I was on my way for a medical check up, and I had to stop for gas. I lost my money. There were two appointment cards for doctors, no identification. You could have left my purse with the gas cashier. She knows me as I get my gas there always. To no avail, my money was not found. I want to thank the two gentlemen that came out and tried to find my purse. They left their jobs to help an 80-year-old widow try to find her property. It saddens me to know there are others out there worse off than me.

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