Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 18: ‘People, slow down!’


Free freeze

The major security breach at Equifax has fueled a crisis. Credit bureaus should freeze everyone’s credit automatically (without asking) for free.

New calling

These times inspire me to join the ranks of law enforcement and computer experts.

We are blessed

One Gulf Coast, give God a big thank you for this past week’s weather. We were blessed with a beautiful full moon, plenty of sunshine, and it was not too hot. Whether you believe or not, be thankful. Traffic here is nothing like other places right now. Pray for safety in our world.

Simple math

Jobs plus working citizens equals a thriving economy.

Hot Dawgs!

Congratulations to the Mississippi State Bulldogs. They outplayed and out-coached LSU. Hail State!

Great trip

Thank you so much to the crew of the Ship Island Ferry for waiting for the last three people to board on Saturday. We had a great trip, and the weather was beautiful. I highly recommend this to anyone who has never been on the ferry or has not been out for a while.

Right on

“How to drain swamp” hits the nail right on the head. Why is it that people who feel that way seem to be in the minority?

Did you see?

To my other Jason Day fans that replied to my “Not showing players enough,” did you see that? Jason hit a hole in one and is now on 18th hole and Leishman right under him. Aussie Oi.

What its coming to

I agree with “Simpler time.” I swear one day the whole world will be held hostage under nuclear threat by a 12-year-old until their demand for the newest version of the iPhone is met.

Patience, people

Don’t you just love it when people race up behind you in a car or cut in front of you and speed up and you end up at the same red light people have no patience behind the wheel.

Have a nice day!

Traffic in Bay Vista housing area is heavy and the speed limit signs are only there to protect the innocent. Hey, people, slow down! Drive as if your children and pets lived here. Security is good, because the dog down the street barks all the time. By the way, we have sidewalks that you can walk on also. If you like music you can also hear it loud and clear anytime day are night. Have a nice day.

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