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Sound Off for Sept. 11: How about a choice?

Mississippi state flag
Mississippi state flag AP

Open the lanes

Don’t know why they didn’t open all the lanes in Florida on the interstate to go north except for one to go south. I guess it makes too much common sense.

No different

This is in response to “Real Action,” who seems to believe that Trump’s response to Hurricane Irma is somehow extraordinary. When I was returning to the Coast after evacuating from Katrina, we probably passed hundreds of military vehicles and emergency response vehicles as well as electric company trucks from all over the country. This is what happens after every catastrophe. Trump has done nothing that every other president who had a disaster occur during their administration didn’t do.

About blue tarps

I am afraid I am continuing the blue tarp conversation. Of course, the fastest way to get a blue tarp installed is to do it yourself, assuming you are fit enough and can find tarps. The second fastest way is your neighbors. Your next choice is your church. Now to answer the original question: You won’t call anyone. When the time comes, FEMA will tell us to report to a location where we will wait hours to sign up.

Go away, Irma

Irma, you were not born here, you don’t have any papers or green card, so you must leave immediately.

I agree

The one thing I have to say about Mike Fullilove’s editorial: “Ditto”!

How about a choice?

Here is my humble solution concerning the state flag. Have the governor adopt the bicentennial flag as the second official state flag, and then require all state offices and universities to fly one or the other. Make the flags easily available for sale and let the people chose which flag to fly, as both are official state flags.

Based on demand

All business, including Apple, Ford and GM, simply add the costs of research and development to the price. They don’t have to ask for permission. They set their prices by whatever you are willing to pay. Electricity is required by law, so it has to be regulated, or they could charge whatever they wanted.

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