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Sound Off for Sept. 10: Put debris to use

FILE - Cars are flooded near the Addicks Reservoir as floodwaters from Tropical Storm Harvey rise in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip, File)
FILE - Cars are flooded near the Addicks Reservoir as floodwaters from Tropical Storm Harvey rise in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip, File) AP

Come on, man

“Come on, man.” There is another one people are saying a lot now. Who cares. We have lives and property destroyed by natural disasters, North Korea threats with nuclear weapons, political rhetoric dividing our nation, so many important things to be concerned about. With all of that, some are concerned about words people repeat or how they say them. Climb out of your ivory tower and get a life. Come on, man.

I’m just saying

Like, at the beginning of the day you’re probably wrong but, like, at the end of the day you’re more or less right on your comment, if you will. I’m just saying and, yes, I heard that.

Put debris to use

This great-grandmother grew up in the post-Depression era of the 1940s when the favorite motto was “Waste not, want not.” So, applying this thought to all the ruined motor vehicles and other debris from the hurricanes, why not stack it, compress it and bond it all together in some magical way and form a “Great Wall” between the USA and Mexico? Paint the “Great Wall” in some nice, tasteful color and decorate with landscape paintings. This project could provide employment for thousands of people.

Texas team players

I followed a power line company from Texas on I -10 heading to Florida. Way to be team players, Texas.

Enjoyment comes up short

Went to a movie at Cinemark in Gulfport for the first time since they put in lounge chairs. The chairs are very nice. Very comfortable. There is just one big problem. You get in your seat. Put the foot rest up. The back reclined a bit and you are so comfortable. Hmm .... There is a big problem. When you are in the reclining position you can only see the top half of the screen. Why, you ask? Because the wall in front of you is too high to allow you to see the entire screen. It is this way in every row. You need to lower that wall at least 2 or 3 feet. Otherwise you cannot watch the movie while reclined. We had to sit up straight.

In this together

The direct path of Irma may not pass through our area but don’t think we will not be affected by the storm. Gas prices have already risen and probably will remain high or increase, thousands of cattle in Texas and Florida are dead or dying, the citrus crop in both areas is ravaged and production will be impacted for years, building materials will be in short supply, airlines have lost millions in revenue and the list goes on and on. Do everything you can to help those directly impacted by the storms. We are all in this together, one way or another.

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