Sound Off

Sound Off for September 8: The ‘eyes’ have it when it comes to storm tracks


Love them!

I love my garbage men. I don’t care what time they come, just as long as they show up.

Who to call

Who do you call to get a tarp? Lowes, Home Depot, etc.

Please explain?

Why do so many people think that if they say “end of the day” at the end of their speech they come off as looking intelligent?

Two sides

Part of me agrees that it’s our responsibility to deal with roof damage and the blue tarp. The other part of me thinks about my 70-something husband up on my roof, and it terrifies me. We have family and friends that will help. Not everyone is so lucky. So I can see both sides of the story here.


Have you ever noticed that all of these national and local weather forecasters think that if the eye of the storm doesn’t go over a piece of land or land mass then they are fortunate in that the storm missed them. It’s pretty obvious that they’ve never lived through a hurricane.

More words

Enough said about the word “like.” Let’s get on the word “literally.” Everybody seems to be using this word in every sentence. Ninety-nine percent of the time that it is used, it is not necessary and is wrongfully used. Let’s not forget hand-me-down sayings: as-a-matter-of-fact, more-or-less and if-you-will. And let’s not forget my biggest peeve, the word “guys.” This word is used when referring to males and females. When I was in school many years ago, a “guy” was a male and a “gal” was a female.

No wonder

Is there any wonder why Mississippi tops the list in number of obesity cases? Our schools are suppose to be shaping students for the future. The state encourages cafeterias to supply our students with healthy meals, not only for nutrition, but also as a learning pattern. Harrison County is providing free healthy snacks for elementary students. We teach nutrition classes. We know that soft drinks are a top factor in overweight, and we continue to promote rather than discourage

Cost of business

Yes, there are other refining facilities around the country but 26 percent of gasoline refining plants are on the Texas Gulf Coast, thus making it easy for oil tankers to bring in the crude. If you bring gas in from other parts of the country you incur more transportation costs so the price per gallon still increases.

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