Sound Off

Sound Off for September 7: What would Biloxi businesses say about MGM Park?

The Biloxi Shuckers  entertain at a game this summeMcGiill-Tr at MGM Park in Biloxi.
The Biloxi Shuckers entertain at a game this summeMcGiill-Tr at MGM Park in Biloxi. File

Road diagnosis

Regarding the bumps on U.S. 90 in Harrison County: MDOT blames it on sandy material, but that is not the whole problem. It’s mostly because of poor construction. The backfill around the drainage pipes was not compacted correctly, causing the settlement. MDOT will patch the bumps, and they will reappear. The only real fix is to open cut the highway and correctly compact the base material around the pipe and under the asphalt. I have been working in civil engineering for 40 years and seen this problem many times.

I don’t get it

I don’t understand the R&D thread. From what I’ve read, we won’t pay for R&D or any other costs from Kemper except for what we are getting: power from a new natural gas plant. Mississippi Power is paying for their own mistakes, like over $6 billion worth.

Take a poll

After Labor Day is a great time to poll the businesses in downtown Biloxi for an honest answer on the Shucker’s and MGM Park (used as a concert venue) on whether it has been a positive or negative generator for their business and investments in the area from Porter Avenue to and including Main Street. I suggest that the answer will be a resounding no and if given the choice, they would much rather have the Gulfport Aquarium in that location. Hey, Gulfport, want to trade?

Emergency item

After watching Texans’ attempts to get rescued, I’m putting a whistle in my storm stash.

Fix this

There is a barrel covering a manhole on Kendall Circle almost to Courthouse Road. Can this be fixed so the barrel can be removed? Thanks!

Please explain

How do we give other countries all this foreign aid and then run out of money in FEMA for our own people? Makes a lot of sense.

Way behind

Waiting on the government to give you advice on hurricane preparation? You are behind the curve. For decades, emergency officials have been recommending that you have those hurricane supplies before the season even starts in June.

Get this

I get, and so do most of my neighbors, but for those who can’t or did not bother to read, can you please pick up the trash in the HCUA brown carts, especially when it is the only cart out? It is making a stink of our neighborhood. I know you lost the contract, but how about going out with a little grace?

Who to call

To the writer who wanted to know who to call if you get roof damage and need a blue tarp put on: The same person you need when you need your nose wiped. Look in the mirror; that’s who you call.

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