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Sound Off for September 6: Plan now for a major hurricane


Other suppliers

Yeah. It’s also not rocket science to know that Texas isn’t the only supplier of fuel and with a little effort could be supplied from other areas not affected. That could be “Big Oil’s” contribution to the disaster and everyone’s pocketbook.

Plan ahead

We are in the peak of hurricane season with Irma already a category 3 and expected to intensify. Based on personal experience with Katrina I recommend we prepare now; don’t wait for notification from a government agency. Now is the time to make plans, have water and fuel, medications and other necessities to last several days. If you are in the projected path of the storm and decide to evacuate, leave early and plan ahead. Be safe.

Look into lights

Anyone’s commute that takes them down Pass Road, Veterans Avenue, or Irish Hill at night has had to notice the sub-standard dim-lighting on the roadways. Many of the lights are placed too far up the poles to illuminate anything at the road level. Many of the lights are a hodgepodge of different fixtures placed at different heights and are still burning that yellowish bulb that is dated and can be mistaken for a caution light. Many burn 24 hours a day or are burned out or fade on and off. All-in-all it is not a very safe and efficient way to illuminate the city’s streets and roadways. The city would be well-advised to look into the situation.

Anyone know?

If your roof gets serious storm damage, who do you call to get a blue tarp put on it, like we saw after Katrina?


Cities have noise ordinances before 8 a.m. and then allow garbage trucks to pick up garbage at 5:30 a.m.? Is anybody home?

We pay

All R & D is passed on to the consumer end of story. You can spin it any way you want but you are still wrong. “Mistakes” are written off on taxes and bankruptcy filings and both are passed on to the American public in one way or another.

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