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Sound Off for Sept. 5: Columnist got meaning of Labor Day right

The Arizona Star

Limited options

I suggest you go buy a different brand of electricity or none at all.

Learn from history

Labor Day means precisely what Paul Hampton wrote in his Sunday, Sept. 3 column. We owe those who have struggled for unions and the rights of workers our ongoing gratitude and a duty to study more closely the history and causes of the labor movement.

For the people

Destroy the administrative government cut, cut, cut, including FEMA, the EPA and heaven knows what else. Texas and all America, are you listening? Stand back, pause and take a long good listen. Ours is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. “For the people.” Remember that.

Like, I’m over it

I agree that the word “like” is used too much by too many people. I have never had a problem speaking with total strangers. Recently I was near three young ladies who appeared to be in their late 20s. I heard, “It was like she said she was mad at him and it was like he said he did not care and it was like she said she did not want to see him again.” I could not resist. I asked, “In your world does anything ever actually occur or is it always similar to something else?” They said, almost in unison, “Huh?” I also hear people misspeaking when they say, “I could care less.” “Oh, then you do care,” I say. Their reply is, “No, I just said I could care less.” They do not realize that the correct phrase is “I couldn’t care less,” meaning the level of caring is already at zero.

Why it costs more

According to what I have read, about 25 percent of oil production in the Gulf has been shut down because of Harvey. When oil has to be brought in from elsewhere, it costs more. That’s why prices go up. That is also why everyone should fill up their cars or trucks and gas cans before a storm.

Own your mistakes

Enough already about the R&D costs being passed on by the likes of Ford, Apple, etc. If Ford or Apple bombs with its product, they take it on the chin. People who own their cars or I-whatevers cannot be made to pick up the slack for their mistakes. If they make a mistake, they own it. In fact, unlike monopolies, they can even go out of business.

Not right for me

So tired of seeing drug ads on the television time to turn it off or just ask if it’s right for you.

No other choices

A billion dollars. A billion-dollar mistake. Then you call it research and development? Stockholders don’t worry. Consumers have got this covered. They have no choice but pay for it. They have no other choices.

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