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Sound Off for Sept. 4: Global warming is real


Share the lessons!

It was a great idea of the Sun Herald to write about the “lessons learned” from Katrina for the benefit of our Texas friends who are experiencing the almost identical devastation that we did in 2005. The article should be emailed to every political office and emergency services agency in the Houston area to include posting on Facebook — it is that important for them to know. I will forever remember how prompt, how supportive, how dedicated our churches, regardless of denomination, were truly at the forefront of assisting immediately. It is also very important to know that insurance companies have much more experience in collecting premiums than paying out claims. And let’s not forget the Alabama and Florida National Guard! Those young men and women provided the security services so badly needed to prevent looting.

What would they wear?

What difference does it make what shoes the First Lady wears to Texas? Who are these perfect complainers and what would they wear? Who cares.

Could use that money now

Considering the cost of Hurricane Harvey recovery, that $150 billion that President Barack Obama gave to Iran sure would come in handy right now.

Supply and demand

People have to understand that gas supplies are not unlimited. When the source of that supply is not there, the supplier has to take steps to reduce the demand. The easiest way to do this is to increase the price for the product. Hopefully this will slow down the demand until the suppliers are back online. It is not rocket science.

Wondering ...

What did “Big Tobacco,” the petroleum industry and the insurance companies donate to the Texas recovery?

Global warming, beyond a doubt

Scientific organizations around the world have documented global warming and have concluded beyond a doubt — it is man-made. Still greed and power rule and no steps are taken to prevent disaster. American cities most at-risk of flooding: New Orleans, Miami, New York City, Boston, Savannah, Honolulu, Virginia Beach — and should we add — Houston?

New technology comes with a cost

Are you kidding? Of course you pay for research and development. When was the last time you made an Apple purchase or bought a new Ford car or truck? Just because R&D is not a line item on your invoice doesn’t mean the cost is not being covered. Developing new technology is costly.

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