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Sound Off for Sept. 3: ‘Congratulations, David Ishee’

In desperate need of help

Our Daily Bread in Pascagoula desperately needs our help to repair the roof, pay bills and reopen as soon as possible. Many people depend on this important organization.

Timing is off

The timing of the light at Bienville Boulevard and Hanshaw Road (Shrimp 62) makes it impossible to get onto Bienville Boulevard after school lets out in the afternoon. Please someone fix it.

Leaders of the class

Years ago a law school professor told our class that one day we would be leaders running this state. So far that class has produced Attorney General Jim Hood, Speaker of the House Philip Gunn, and now two Supreme Court justices. Congratulations, David Ishee.

Gas companies should help, too

I just realized that every time there is a storm, gas goes up. Why is that? Why do gas companies get a break from charity and everyone else either gives or needs help? This is a time when people need gas for generators and for mobility. I know there is a shortage, but why does the price have to be raised because of that? What will raising the price accomplish?

So, like ... please

Three things I would like to see taught in school 1) Every sentence does not have to begin with “so.” 2) ”Like” does not have to be every other word. 3) Every request from an elder does not have to end in “please.”

Walmart pledge

The article listing so many was to donate to Harvey was good. But it left out an easy big one. Walmart has pledged to donate $2 for every $1 donated for Harvey at their stores. Must be a million Walmart stores in this country. Any town over 5,000 people has at least one.

It’s about choice

It’s different when Ford, Apple and others include R&D (research and development) in their cost. You have a choice. Do I want to pay a crazy amount for that item because they made a mistake? No, I don’t. I would go buy a different brand or not at all. You are not forced to pay for their R&D mistakes.

Watch out, drivers

Drivers, why the big hurry? You pass me, doing the speed limit, going at high rate of speed just to meet me at the traffic light or stop sign? Is it worth having an accident? Cutting in out of traffic, you are going to hit one riding a bike or walking or a stopped bus. You don’t know the situation ahead — accident, road block, hole in the street, workers. Please slow down and watch out for others and yourself.

Just me?

Have the comments for the online Sound Off been curtailed or is it just my computer?

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