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Sound Off for Sept. 1: Harvey victims need better solution than FEMA trailers

A Sound Off reader says Harvey victims need a better temporary housing solution than FEMA trailers.
A Sound Off reader says Harvey victims need a better temporary housing solution than FEMA trailers. Sun Herald File

No offspring

Katrina and Harvey, lovely couple. Would not want to meet their child.

Hidden fees

R&D costs for Ford, GM and Apple are included in the price you pay for their products. No free lunch there.

Better housing

Sure hope FEMA assistance for Texas doesn’t include any trailers like we got after Katrina. They need a better solution to housing.

Cut elsewhere

The City of Biloxi should not make cuts to the Police Department. Make the cuts elsewhere.

Have mercy!

Lord have mercy on all our brothers and sisters in Texas. And thank you, Lord, it wasn’t us.

All Americans

Helping thou neighbor is not socialism. Look-up the whole meaning of socialism. Also, last time I checked everybody that has been affected (Black, Caucasian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Asian, political parties excluded) in Texas and Louisiana are in need. I believe that the majority worked hard, paid taxes (contributed to the economy) and everyone including the non-working class should be helped.

Never forget

If you remember, there was criticism that New Orleans got all the attention after Katrina. Well, you are doing the same thing with Hurricane Harvey. Houston is getting all the attention and the Texas Gulf Coast communities that were devastated are not getting the attention they deserve. Take up some relief collections for them instead of Houston. Boy, we sure have short memories.


If I lived and paid taxes in Biloxi, I would be irate that the city fathers can find money in the budget to fund Ohr-O’Keefe and Maritime Seafood Museums but cannot find money to fund fire and police departments. I know tourism is important but is it more important than the safety of citizens? Museums should be self-supporting.

Don’t cut here

I was dismayed to read of the proposed closing of the West Biloxi Library. Our library is an important part of our community offering educational opportunities to those without means; internet access to those without computers, early learning for our children and the wealth of our written history to all those wanting to seek out literature, research and the treasure of the classics. Please find another way to make the city’s budget work. Our West Biloxi Library is vital to our community and would be a huge loss to those of us who patronize and enjoy this wonderful resource.

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