Sound Off

Sound Off for August 28: Plenty of sand, but no bags

Feed the birds

Hummingbirds are everywhere, please clean and fill feeders!

Bad news

Contrary to the article in the paper last week, there are a lot of us who do not feel that type of movie based “loosely” on the Sherry murders, is a positive thing for our state.

Not a cart holder

People go shopping and park next to a handicap parking place. They come out of store with their purchases in a shopping cart, then leave it in middle of handicap parking place! This is repeated by other people until the space is full if shopping carts. The people who do this are handicapped... between their ears.

More than handicap

Went shopping at Winn-Dixie today and instead of handicapped parking in front, there was parking for pregnant women. Most of them empty. We were told that the parking lot owner replaced some of the handicap spaces with the new signs.

More bags

It’s really nice that the cities and counties supply sand for people to get for storms, but we went about 1 p.m. Saturday to the Orange Grove center on Dedeaux Road and the one on Cowan Lorraine and they had sand but no bags. We could not get any sand to keep water from getting in the house. Maybe have more bags available next time. Thanks anyways, it was a good gesture.

Go to the source

We read of people arrested for child porn on their computers but I never read of the arrest of the pornographers. They are surely ones that need arresting. Do they ever catch them? Imagine the harm done to make that!

Not climate change

Hurricane Harvey is not the poster boy that climate change fanatics hope. First, as long as the National Hurricane Center has tracked them, storms in the Gulf of Mexico can be strong for a variety of reasons.


Correction to a previous Sound Off: I found out yesterday that Home Depot doesn’t give a discount to all veterans, only retired veterans with a special card. Veteran designation on the drivers license isn’t honored.

Drop-off needed

Can someone please tell us why the Gautier Police Deptartment does not have a drop off box for unopened medicines, both prescription and OTC. Other police departments have, why not Gautier?

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