Sound Off

Sound Off for August 26: ‘I don’t want to pay one darned cent’ for border wall



A sincere thank you to Lowe’s and Home Depot for the military discount. It is a big help, and I am grateful.

Me too

Reading about the strip of oil that a Waste Pro truck left in a Gulfport neighborhood, my neighborhood streets are covered with oil. I have called Waste Pro, Harrison County Utility Authority and our district supervisor with no results. Next stop is EPA.

Please explain

Can someone please explain why we need Harrison County Utility Authority?

Make Mexico pay!

I don’t want to pay one darned cent for that Mexican border wall. Candidate Trump promised over and over that Mexico would pay for it, so let Mexico pay for it.

One Coast?

HARCO Utility suing Gulfport due to Gulfport negotiating their own contract for solid waste pickup. So much for One Coast, huh Billy Hewes??

Great news

Three cheers for you efforts to reinvigorate the Katrina Free Clinic.

City mottos

Gulfport: The city where developers “talk the talk.” Biloxi: The city where developers “walk the walk.”

Bad decision

When all the rain from Harvey hits New Orleans and floods, they can look at all the empty places where statues and memorials once stood, and be thankful they removed them and didn’t spend the money fixing their pumps.

Do something

Thursday’s Sound Off is just a cheap snarky shot at Obamacare at the expense of free clinics. We all know that Obamacare has massive problems and needs to be fixed. In the meantime we have to make do with a bad situation. Why not volunteer a little time and see the huge needs that we have here on the Coast as well as in this country and try to improve instead of throwing out spitballs.

Me too!

Hillary Clinton said her “skin crawled” as Donald Trump loomed behind her at a debate in St. Louis. Lucky her! My skin crawls every time I see her face on TV.

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