Sound Off

Sound Off for August 21: ‘Why don’t you recycle?’


Health matters

I wonder how many medical emergencies there will be today because of the eclipse?

Robbers and rules

I really doubt any bank robber is going to follow rules about not wearing a hat and sunglasses into the bank.


Corruption runs deep among many groups.

Give it a try

To those of you going to one trash pick up a week and who do not recycle, why not start? It will reduce what you put in the large trash container. And if you don’t mind me asking, why don’t you recycle?

Funny guy

The comic strip “Herman” written and drawn by Jim Unger in the newspaper brings a smile or laugh to me every morning. His warped sense of humor equals that of mine.

Take it elsewhere

Are you an American? Do you want to fight? I suggest you take your emblems, whatever they may be, and join the military. They can point you in the right direction of our true enemies overseas.


What a difference the recent changes to the entrance of the VA Medical Center and National Cemetery have made. It is beautiful! Incorporating the antique iron fence makes it all the more special. Thanks to all who made this possible.

Majority rule

The individual who wrote Sound Off on Sunday stating that the flag issue was voted on in 2001, is absolutely correct. If you don’t like the current flag get a petition going to have another referendum. This is a Democracy so let the majority decide.

Parking problem

Although not disabled, I sometimes get lucky and get a parking spot up close to the front of the store. I too have noticed that I had to walk a good distance to put away the cart. Not a problem for me but I thought about my neighbors in the handicapped spots when doing so. What are they supposed to do? The very point of parking close is because they have trouble walking and you give them nowhere to place the carts. Improvements need to be made.

Bad decision

The Gulfport administration and City Council have made another brilliant decision. Now we will have 50 percent less garbage pick ups, once a week rather than twice, but we will get an extra recycling pick up. How many times have we traveled a street and seen garbage cans so full the tops will not close? So now the pick up will be cut to once a week. It just doesn’t make sense, and for the dessert on our taxpayer plate, the Harrison County Utility Authority wants us to pay a penalty of $1.5 million for a contract broken by our City Hall.

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