Sound Off

Sound Off for August 20: Thank you, Waste Pro


Automation is undermining capitalism.

Great addition

Good to see a token conservative added to your paper.

Not said

To “Really?” In Saturday’s Sound Off. It’s not about the words Trump used, but the words he refuses to use. You bet we are calling him down.

All people

Working together means helping every single human being on earth to succeed. It doesn’t mean weeding out less-fortunate people and picking only the elite.


I’ve had my share of problems with Wastepro, but today they get a gold star for service. A little after 8 a.m. my doorbell rang. When I answered, it was the driver of the Wastepro truck. He wanted to let me know that while I was out of town, wasps had built a nest under the lip on the front of my garbage can. Those wasps are no longer in residence. Wastepro 1, Wasps 0. My thanks go to Wastepro and their driver.

No hats, glasses

I couldn’t help but notice those bank robbers pictured in the robbery photo in the Sun Herald were wearing hats to conceal their faces. There are other banks I’ve been to that require hats and sunglasses be removed before entering. I would think all banks need to impose these same rules.


We have some great teachers in the school systems. We also have some that bully our children as bad or worse than some of the students do themselves. The bus driver refusing to allow windows rolled down is one such example. Let her sit in the rear of the bus as another driver assumes the route. Maybe then she will realize her lack of compassion for these poor children. Oh, put the head of transportation individual next to her.

Label, please

Could someone explain to me why bottles of vitamins and such will say “Distributed by” but not where they are made? This is ridiculous and provides no pertinent information. I do not want to eat anything made in China or other places that cannot be trusted. Sounds like this is one of the many issues that the lobbyists won. They should be illegal.

Vote on it

I’m getting tired of hearing about how we need to change the state’s flag — again. For those of you who don’t know, in April 2001 there was a special referendum to either keep the current flag or change it. When the votes were counted, 64.39 percent of the voters voted to keep the current flag. If you want to change the flag, let’s have it put on the ballot again. But, if the majority of the voters again vote to keep the current flag, would the rest of you please quit whining.

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