Sound Off

Sound Off for August 18: Donald Trump tells it like it is


No such thing

Good luck finding the perfect candidate.

Anyone know?

What can be used to eradicate the crazy ant problem I have?

How it is

When interviewing President Trump, he doesn’t tell you what you want to hear. He tells you how it is. Wish more politicians were so inclined.

If only . . .

If Trump would have just said that these rioters behaved stupidly, all this criticism would have died out by now.

Get out

This Fox channel and the tough-talking wimps on it makes the vast majority of Americans want to throw them out of this nation.

Not falling for it

With all due respect, Christy Pickering, the only reason Mississippi Power isn’t asking for a rate increase is because they’ve been denied it. We, the customers, didn’t ask for this fiasco. Don’t pretend we all don’t know Mississippi Power would gouge us to recover their costs if they were allowed to.

Unsafe situation

On Tuesday, I floated down Irish Hill Drive and observed a young man appropriately dressed in a reflective vest directing the traffic of parents picking up their children from the school. It was pouring rain but more critically he was standing near the trees with an umbrella while lightening was flashing. Traffic would have been quite a tangle without him there but surely the school’s policy does not require him to be out there in a thunderstorm. No need for orderly exodus from the school grounds is worth an individual being struck by lightening.

Out of line

The Sun Herald’s editorial on hot school buses is right on, yet there is one more issue. I was once on a taxiing airplane after landing in Atlanta. One passenger purportedly unbuckled his seat belt on the way to the terminal, and an insecure, power-hungry flight attendant ordered the captain to stop the aircraft until the man rebuckled. A school bus driver who violates her own unofficial “policy” with an open window and a fan, then stops the bus when a student opens his or her window, is as far out of line as that flight attendant, and needs to be reintroduced to the realities of her duties and the limitations of her authority when transporting her precious cargo, our children.

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