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Sound Off for August 17: We should get rid of the state flag

FILE - Mississippi State Flag
FILE - Mississippi State Flag AP


How do we move on from this? With a saddened heart, I listened to our leader of the free world talk garbage about the horror that happened on Saturday. Shocked beyond belief.

Flag be gone!

Get rid of the flag! Get rid of the flag! Please get rid of the flag!

Script them

Why is it that desk-bound TV newscasters speak from a printed script, yet weather-casters and on-scene reporters do not? A prepared script would keep them from stumbling, stuttering and tripping through what they have to say.

Bad choice

Too bad New Orleans didn’t focus their attention on fixing the water pumps instead of spending the million plus to remove the Confederate statues and memorials. Now, every time they flood, they can look at those empty spaces and remind themselves of what they spent their money on.

Mr. Postman!

I just called my friend on Lynn Avenue to ask if she had received the English Women’s Weekly Mags + letter that was sent from Main Post Office on U.S. 49. She has not received them yet, and they were sent a week ago come Friday. This is ridiculous. If they were delivered to the wrong person, then the mail person needs to make sure she has the right address or if they were delivered to the wrong person, that person should have the decency to get them to the intended person. Friday I will go to Post Office if they have not been delivered to my friend.

Not equal ideology

In response to “Please explain,” the problem with Donald Trump simply stating there is violence on all sides is that it implies the white supremacist movement that sparked the events in Charlottesville are just as legitimate and worthy of discussion as other mainstream political ideologies, when in fact they are not. Any ideology based on bigotry and the belief in the inherent superiority of one group over another has absolutely no place in American society.

United we stand

I’m 75 years old. Been through a lot politically, but never protested except by my voting for expressing my personal views. Never went to public protests, conventions or rallies. Spent eight years in the military fighting for all American abilities to express their views. Now we just have violent protesters on both sides of issues with only their focus on their individual ideas. Where do they work? What are their future plans? Are they a group of just anarchists; are they just adding to the division of our country? Is that their plan or what is it? God Bless America and bring her together.

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