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Sound Off for August 15: Thanks for reporting local news

Anita Lee and Amanda McCoy interview John Harrison Doucet’s mother.
Anita Lee and Amanda McCoy interview John Harrison Doucet’s mother. File

Sunshine in

Too wet to mow, huh? Well, I have a theory. If you keep the grass mowed I think more sun would shine in and keep the ground drier and you wouldn’t have the hay bales and ruts from the wheels.

Start your own

If you want to protest the protesters, don’t go to their protest. Start your own somewhere else. You are asking for trouble otherwise, and don’t go because it is fashionable.

Next step

“Yay!” for proof of car insurance! Now if only people were pulled over for anything around here.

Please explain

Much is being made of the president’s remarks about Charlottesville, but he did condemn racism, rioting and violence by all sides. What is wrong with that?

Great news!

Finally some good news. Thank you, Joe Woods, for your letter to the editor explaining that drivers can’t pull the wool over police anymore about having valid insurance. I love this plan and can’t wait for it to be implemented.

Better use

I have been following the sports section of the Sun Herald the last few days, and I can’t help noticing the amount of coaches that are pictured with their respective teams. How much does this cost local school districts that are always begging for more funds? Imagine how many teachers or supplies this money could buy. Imagine all the time that could be put to better serve our students. My grandson graduated from a high school in Texas that has no organized sports programs and at least 90 percent of graduating students go on to college. Let’s put the academics ahead of sports and let the colleges worry about sports programs. It would be safer for our children as well.

Thanks, Sun Herald

Thank you, Sun Herald, for reporting local Mississippi Coast news. Yes, the Sun Herald does print national and Mississippi state news, which is always great reading. However, the local current news events and happenings do get reported. It just goes to show some older things still work the best. Sadly, if you want to know which furniture store is “going out of business again” turn on the local TV stations around 5 p.m. These type of TV commercials are the news and the real local news, sports, weather always take a back seat. Yes, the local TV stations report occasional “breaking stories” but after a couple of days these tend to wear thin.

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