Sound Off

Sound Off for August 14: We need better security in Walmart parking lots


Still no can

Can someone find out why it is taking so long to get a trash can from Waste Pro in Jackson County? I have been on a “waiting” list for five months and keep getting a runaround. Thanks.

In praise of first responders

This past Wednesday, we were involved in a horrific accident on I-10. Moss Point Fire Chief Lee Vance and crew, along with the Moss Point Police Department, arrived to assist. They all were so professional, helpful, kind and considerate. We are so grateful to have such wonderful public servants. Thanks to them all.

Practical way to check

Why not have all school bus drivers exit from the rear of the bus? That way they can check to see if any students are still on the bus.

Gauge the nonsupporters

How about gauging how many people don’t attend Trump’s rallies and those who have no interest whatsoever in his rhetoric?

Patrons need safety

The recent Pass Christian Wal-Mart parking lot incident involving a child predator is indicative of a larger problem with all Wal-Mart parking lots in general. In particular, the Biloxi Wal-Mart, where homeless men constantly bother store patrons. My wife refuses to shop there anymore, and I was accosted yesterday by a panhandler. Post “no loitering” signs, hire parking lot security and keep your property safe for patrons.

New flag needed now

Nobody in their right mind could continue to say the Confederate flag has not become a symbol of hate after seeing the images and video coming from Charlottesville. Our Mississippi leaders need to step up and lead. Decide on a new flag design that can be flown proudly throughout the state that represents all Mississippians and announce it as our new state flag. No discussions, no votes, no protests, just do it before we have the same type situation here.

At least mow exits

It may be too wet to cut the entire interstate but it is not too wet to cut the exits, especially the one at Cedar Lake. This is only one of two ways to enter Biloxi from the interstate to enjoy all Biloxi has to offer, and it is beyond pathetic. It should be manicured and litter free. Come on, Biloxi.

Enough with bashing

With all due respect, Mr. Fullilove, the Clinton-bashing has grown old and it’s time to get to the real issue of explaining just exactly what the Donald Trump presidency has done for America.

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