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Sound Off for August 13: Don’t punish the taxpayers


Just curious

Exactly who is paying for this trip for Mayor FoFo to visit Cuba? Hopefully not the taxpayers, especially to pay homage with a visit to a country that still shows aggression toward the USA, like causing hearing loss to our diplomats in Havana. Interesting, to say the least. Surely there are other matters of more importance that still need to be addressed here locally.

It’s awful

I-10 is a real disgrace to our area. Economic suicide. No one wants to come back to the Coast after traveling from state line to state line on I-10. Something needs to be done.

We survived

I know back in the ’70s and ’80s we didn’t have air conditioning on our school bus. We opened the windows and were fine. What’s with the coddling? AC costs more to run anyway.

Don’t punish taxpayers

Pascagoula is my hometown on the Coast, and Singing River Hospital provided much service to my parents, myself and friends. But the “misuse or mismanagement” of retirement funds should not fall onto county taxpayers. Also, lately SRHS has seen fit to have expensive, glossy ads in various places, though I do somewhat understand trying to rebuild their image.

Too wet to mow

The reason why grass is so tall along I-10 and county and state roads because of all the rain. Mowers and Bush Hogg’s will get stuck.

You’re kidding, right?

Just a couple of comments. I hope the Sound Off writers who wanted eclipse glasses for dogs and more pilings for pelicans were being sarcastic. Also, to the person wanting the rolling recycling cart, I have your solution: Move to where you can have one.

I’ll fight it

Lawyers pay themselves first then want Jackson County taxpayers to pay any shortfall. I am trying to save for my retirement and will fight paying for this.

Attention, dog owners

Do you realize that for about $6.67 per month, you could prevent your dog from getting the killer heartworm? That’s less expensive than feeding one person at McDonalds. Far less expensive and risky than the medical treatment to cure your pet. It’s not rocket science, yet it seems to fall on deaf ears. You assumed the responsibility of pet ownership; follow through with more than just food and water.

Voting essentials

Look at your driver’s license and voter registration card and make sure all information matches. If it does not, you will not be allowed to vote. If you are not registered, please go register at your county courthouse.

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