Sound Off

Sound Off for August 11: We need to do more for our pelican population

Anyone know?

Where can I purchase eclipse glasses for my dog? I’m afraid he will look up during the partial eclipse.

Phone donations?

We have several unused and outdated iPhones which are available to an organization that would use them to help or protect people. If anyone knows where to direct these phones we would be grateful.

Editor’s Note: American Legion Post 1992, 3824 Old Spanish Trail, Gautier, 228-522-6688, is an official drop off point for Cell Phones for Soldiers.

For the birds!

Although not specifically mentioned, today’s front page photo points out a much overlooked problem here on the Coast: there is a crying need for more pilings for our wonderful pelican population. One look at the photo shows how far the overcrowding has progressed. There are frequent outbreaks of fighting over the available pilings. Let’s use some of the BP money to put in more pilings along the shore so that these wonderful birds will have adequate housing. “A piling for every pelican” should be our motto.

Hopes dashed

How do you expect seniors to pick up or drag bins full of recycle items to curb every two weeks? Or to store two weeks worth? You can’t store it outside without the contents blowing all over neighborhoods. I am very disappointed with the city leaders. I was looking forward to a large bin on wheels and a cover to be able to safely continue recycling.

Please explain

I am a working, taxpaying, voting citizen of the great state of Mississippi, and I am totally embarrassed. Why? Well just drive east and west on Interstate 10. The grass is 4-feet tall. The trash is everywhere. It is a terrible sight. Why can’t our highways be taken better care of? Why can’t they be mowed more than twice a year and why can’t the trash be removed? Bridges are littered with trash. Someone please explain why our great state is left in such a terrible state.

Squeak up

Harrison County does not have jurisdiction over the interstate or state highways. MDOT has full control over them including maintenance as well as mowing. They say they will only mow once a year and maybe twice at best. I agree it is horrible for our tourism as well as for the locals. The squeaky wheel gets the oil, call them and tell them what you think.

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