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Sound Off for August 9: Bless you, Carrie Duncan

Carrie Duncan
Carrie Duncan

Good reads

I read McClatchy’s cartoons of the week. They are very good.

I agree

Responding to “Really?” I completely agree. Recently heard on the news that job growth was up — for the 82nd consecutive month. I checked multiple sources to confirm that fact, so the credit can’t be given to Trump for growth that’s been occurring since 2010.


Driving I-10 these days is really embarrassing. Have all the mowers in Harrison County broken down or been stolen? The grass and weeds as tall as small trees is way beyond needing cutting. Inside the exits is unreal. I have never seen it as bad as it was today. I know, I know. There has been a lot of rain and maybe doing the low parts is not possible. But the least you could do is make a pass or two along the edges where it is high and dry. It just plain looks awful.

Another party

If we truly want to Make America Great Again, maybe it is time for a new political party. If President Trump is successful in fighting off the the attacks of the Democratic and the Republican parties and continues to turn this country around maybe he can run for another term as the head of the Great American party.

Bless you, Carrie

Carrie Duncan’s interview on “Body shaming” shown on WLOX recently was so sensitive and heart warming. She shared the despicable and hateful email that attacked her for being overweight. May God bless her and her beautiful family for forgiving that horrible woman so filled with hate. Carrie Duncan’s compassionate interview has helped so many people with “less-than-perfect” body shapes. Thank you to Sound Off for printing this.

Great series

Thank you, WLOX, for the great series you did on body shaming. It was informative and I hope everyone who would consider saying something hateful to someone saw this and will keep their hateful, hurtful remarks to themselves.

Great example

I do not live in Moss Point but really enjoyed the story about Mayor Mario King on Friday. I’d love to meet this man and shake his hand for coming up with a simple solution for saving the taxpayer’s money by taking fancy cellphones away from city employees and replacing them with simple flip phones. The fancy phones are not just expensive to buy and have high monthly bills, but you can be sure many employees are wasting time playing games and taking unnecessary pictures. I hope other mayors, department heads and business owners will take note of this and start searching for other ways to save money.

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