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Sound Off for August 7: Remember the volunteers


Remember the volunteers

I remember well the thousands of volunteers who came from all over to help after Hurricane Katrina. I don’t know what we would have done without them. About a year after the storm, the Sun Herald printed a large special section with all of the churches, other agencies and individuals that came to help. I saved that section, and when I went out of state to visit relatives, I would always take it to show them the outpouring of volunteer help we received.

Googled that number

To the person who stated you can Google any phone number that comes through your phone, thank you. I did not know you could do this. Guess you can Google anything. I tried it, using the number that calls me three to four times a day and found out it is a company that wants to help you refinance your home. Thanks again.

Training pays

You’re not going to get the best workers unless you’re willing to train them.

Singley — the worst

I would like to nominate my street — Singley Avenue — as the worst street in Gulfport. The asphalt dried out and is crumbling away. Lots of old patches and potholes, even a manhole cover that is 6 inches above the surface. Commerce Street isn’t much better between Washington Avenue and Courthouse Road.

The will of the people

I don’t know if it is because I am getting older or our government is changing from a democracy to an “elected dictatorship,” but it seems that more and more the will of the people is being ignored by our elected officials. The flag controversy is a case in point. Our elected officials want to change the state flag and the majority of the voters do not. It is common for flags to be removed from state and county buildings that the majority of the people would keep flying. What good does it do to elect officials who do not follow the will of the people?

Our Lady of Fatima Church takes cans

In regard to aluminum can collections for fundraising: Our Lady of Fatima Church, Pass Road, Biloxi, has cans inside the east door for depositing only aluminum cans.

Humane Society could use help, too

I take all of my cans to the Humane Society of South Mississippi in Gulfport. There is a container behind the building, so you can drop off anytime during the day or night. Also they need newspapers and shopping bags. Such simple things that you can help them with. Take a look at their needs list — you would be surprised how easy it is to help them.

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