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Sound Off for August 6: ‘Do away with the flag’

FILE - Mississippi State Flag
FILE - Mississippi State Flag AP

Good job, Trump

The Trump presidency has added more than 1 million new jobs. The stock market is at an all-time high. He is filling federal judges as fast as possible. He is moving forward on immigration enforcement and reform, while also pressing the do-nothing legislative branch to repeal and replace Obamacare. He is turning back oppressive federal regulations. Despite what you here from liberal media, turncoat Republicans and Trump haters, who want to disenfranchise the vote of America, world leaders are enthusiastic to work with him. Look beyond the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN and Chuck Schumer.

Let Pence take over

The best thing that could happen for America right now is for President Donald Trump to step down and let a real president, Vice President Mike Pence, take over. Then America could experience the stability and progress she deserves.

Learn from Nixon

The first president I voted for was Richard Nixon because he was my choice. Thanks to the media and Congressional hearings the country learned that he lied and obstructed justice. Turns out Nixon was not fit to be our country’s elected leader and luckily resigned. You don’t have to support an elected leader just because you voted for them.

Great idea, mayor

The article where the mayor of Moss Point took the initiative to replace smartphones with flip phones is a great idea, and all Coast city mayors should follow his initiative. If you do the homework as he did you will probably verify few need the smartphones and some don’t need any phone.

Food for thought

I’m going to start sending the electric company a bill every time the power goes out. My food goes to waste.

Obesity costs

People should be allowed to appear as they wish figure-wise, but obesity is bad for their health and the costs of health care. I’d never tell some they look fat, but I would tell them to lose weight for their own good.

Respect state flag

In Ocean Springs, the police, fire and schools all fly the Mississippi state flag. Why shouldn’t City Hall? We voted on this flag and we should respect it.

Do away with it

End the controversy; simply do away with the flag. This would save money and time, and leave little room for complaint. Can anyone provide a really good reason to keep it? There should just one flag, the American flag. It is 2017. Now, about that state flower.

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