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Sound Off for August 5: ‘President Trump is our choice. Get over it.’



A person could create a whole new industry on how to survive “after” a nuclear war.


You get a lot of angry alligators when you drain the swamp. Just remember, alligators have very small brains.

Anyone know?

Haven’t seen or heard any calls for aluminum cans to be collected for fundraising. Are there any schools/churches still doing this?

Love Trump

The Trump bashing media just does not get it — the more negative coverage results in stronger support for the president. We don’t trust you. Period. Trump is our choice. Get over it.


Voting on the state flag only guarantees the current flag will continue to fly. The majority of people will vote in favor of it.

Google it

To the person who asked about the telemarketer (scam) hang up call. The reason for the hang up is that scammers have just so many people available in their boiler rooms to scam to you. Their computer automatically routes you to the next available scammer. If none is available, you get hung up on. However, if you did answer, their computer logged that you answered, and you will get another call. I really don’t think a legitimate company would hang up on you. Here’s a tip: if you want more information on the number, just Google it.

Bad for us

The day after receiving a trophy for promoting the Coast One theme, Gulfport’s mayor is pushing for Gulfport only. In a move against the HARCO Utility District who works for multi-county cooperation in an effort to save public monies, the Gulfport two-term mayor who has not received a single vote for office is pushing a deal that doesn’t save anybody any money, especially us taxpayers in Gulfport — not to mention reduced services.

Atta boy, FoFo

Congratulations to Mayor FoFo for his vision in proposing to remove the metal barriers at Lighthouse Park. Now, if we can get the school system to follow his lead and remove the dilapidated rails by the railroad off Irish Hill Drive behind the school we are making progress in beautifying our great city.

Enlightening story

Shocking article in Sun Herald regarding the queen of “alternative facts” (her words) Kellyanne Conway. The President has given her an “ethics waiver.” Please explain how that is draining the swamp. Apparently, it allows the swamp people free reign. Thanks for publishing this ethical travesty.

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