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Sound Off for August 4: Flag doesn’t represent the views of Mississippi conservatives

It’s our state flag, Sound Off reader says. Let it fly.
It’s our state flag, Sound Off reader says. Let it fly. AP

Thrown off

Well it didn’t take long for punishment to be rendered to the two Ole Miss football players arrested for shop lifting. Wow, they were suspended for the first game. Were they even charged with a crime? They should have been thrown off the team immediately.

One flag

There is only one flag that all Americans should be concerned with, honor and respect — Old Glory! Long may she wave.

Not my flag

It is ridiculous and small-thinking to say the state flag represents the views of straight, white, conservative people. I am born in Mississippi, straight, white, conservative and it doesn’t represent me.

Fix this

Come on, Gulfport! What’s with all of these gigantic potholes? I have had three wheel alignments in the last year due to them. Why don’t you take some money from that $93 million white elephant that you are building and fix your streets.

Good luck!

Good luck to Gautier on trying to clamp down on the unsightly litter problem. City officials might want to try “tar and feathering” of offenders because that is the only way the community will solve this despicable citywide eyesore. I know. I lived there for 17 years.

More to the job

To the person who doesn’t understand why a school has so many coaches, please understand that most of them coach two or three sports in addition to being a classroom teacher for four to five periods a day. The supplement they get as a coach is minimal compared to the after-school hours they put in. My husband coached for over 20 years, so I know how hard they work for their salaries.

Never forget

About 10 days ago, I read a Sound Off claiming that the Salvation Army was the only agency providing assistance in the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. Since this was clearly not the case, I felt it imperative to respond. Although I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the writer, we are doing a grave disservice to the countless churches, social service agencies, emergency assistance providers, and other individuals who responded overwhelmingly and for the long haul to help South Mississippi. We were inundated with time, treasure and talents from all across the country. And even now — approaching the 12th anniversary of Katrina — there are still volunteers who have come annually to help those still struggling in the aftermath. So while the Salvation Army was but just one entity to assist — it was by no means the only organization. Let us never forget the generosity showered on us, through our local churches and agencies, as well as the huge influx from across this great country of ours.

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