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Sound Off for July 30: Get body cameras for officers

ROBIN TRIMARCHI Cpl. Raymond Mills of the Columbus Police Motor Squad, wears a small body video camera on his uniform.
ROBIN TRIMARCHI Cpl. Raymond Mills of the Columbus Police Motor Squad, wears a small body video camera on his uniform.

Preserve history

I was so moved by the article for the future aviation museum! I hope the community comes together to support this venture, for we need to preserve our history and showcase the achievements of our rich aviation history throughout the State! Go Mr. Gonzalez!

Need body cameras

In light of the recent unprovoked shooting of a deputy, it’s time for Harrison County to step up and get body cameras for its officers. The life they save may be your own.

Off the mark

The Sun Herald editorial on transgender members of the military was off the mark in one major respect. Equating the exclusion of transgender people to the possible exclusion of blacks, women and gays completely misses the point that none of the latter groups would require and demand taxpayer-funded hormonal treatments and surgeries with the associated non-availability to duty. The military should be only about its mission and not about social justice!

No need for growth

In response to “How About Hancock,” I like our little county and its cities just the way they are. If I wanted to live in a growing metro area I would move to one. We have beauty, safety and peace. That’s why we moved here. Never have understood the need for “growth!”

No help

Gulfport leaders messed up for three cents. We would have been better off with the county. No help for seniors on recycling. You did not listen.

One Coast?

Gulfport and Mayor Hewes were WastePro’s biggest critics, now they want to marry them for six more years! Something is fishy in Gulfport. I, for one, will never believe Billy Hewes when he spouts off about “One Coast” again, especially when it is convenient for his city alone.

Scaramucci’s mouth

Apparently The Mooch’s mother never washed out his mouth with soap. Maybe it’s time someone did.

Can’t trust ’em

I believe President Trump is finally realizing that he cannot trust an embedded politician, Republican or Democrat.

Vintage sound

Responding to reader missing music from the Up Stairs/Down Stairs: Nick Mattina and The Checkmates play often at the French Club in Biloxi. Come enjoy the same fantastic music from the great old days!

Budget cuts

To the complainer of clogged ditches, grass three feet tall on the roads, pot holes, etc.: Welcome to what happens when your state governor cuts to our budget. And more will be cut. Our state is in the red. Jackson is waiting on the windfall of taking our BP money away.

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