Sound Off

Sound Off for July 28: Stop taking the buggies


Why did they go through all the bother? A “simulated” Michael Phelps should have raced the “simulated” shark. It would have made good “simulated” viewing.

Please explain

Someone please explain why Vice President Pence always seems to be with Trump.

My Sound Off

I’m a longtime, faithful reader of Sound-off. Sometimes I “Sound-off.” I write about “What’s in my craw.” I have a solution to our obvious disregard by local elected powers-that-may-be to listen. Take a hint. “Sound Off,” “Blow your own horn,” “And I helped” “Take credit,” whatever it takes to show some type of action by you. Moreover, You will be recognized as a caring person. No. 1 Fix the Streets on the Point, faster!


I’m surprised that I don’t see more people using reflective windshield screens in their cars. They can reduce your car’s interior temperature by 15 degrees or more and help prevent your dashboard from fading. Every little bit helps during a Deep South summer.

Move over!

Can anyone tell me why I-10 is so congested every weekend? Traffic from Ocean Springs all the way to Exit 44 going to Gulf Shores is constant start and stop. I mean, there are no red lights on the interstate. Please maintain speed and if you are not passing stay in the right lane. Pay attention and please do not drive side by side and impede the flow of people trying to pass.

Bring buggies back

Please stop taking buggies from stores and littering the neighborhood with them. They are to take groceries from the store to your car not to take to your home. Every day I see Walmart buggies around the Eisenhower area just left on the side of the road for someone else to pick up. There are signs that say not to remove them from the store’s parking lot, and you know you are not going to take them back so stop.

Drainage problems

Did you have flooding in the last two days? Well if you did, you need to get out and look at all the canals, ditches and Creeks in Gulfport. I think you will be surprised to see how the creeks are still plugged up with old fallen trees and lots of ditches and canals haven’t been cleaned. Who is responsible to see their promise to clean out creeks, ditches and canals is taken care of? Does anyone know who is the responsible? If you know please inform them. We still have a problem with our creeks, ditches and canals in Gulfport.

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