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Sound Off for July 27: We miss you, Chef Bill Vrazel

Bill Vrazel, owner of Vrazel's restaurant in Gulfport, stands in front of a mural that was found and restored after Hurricane Katrina.
Bill Vrazel, owner of Vrazel's restaurant in Gulfport, stands in front of a mural that was found and restored after Hurricane Katrina.

Wasted effort?

I recycle a lot, but I wonder about all the wasted water I use washing out mayonnaise jars, ketchup bottles, tin cans, etc. Am I really helping?

More, please

Please, Chef Bill Vrazel, if you are reading this, consider re-opening your fine restaurant on the Coast. We miss you and the wonderful food and atmosphere.

Anyone know?

I noticed that Ocean Springs is not included in the list of Police Stations, which have medication disposal boxes. Does Ocean Springs have one of these boxes somewhere where we can properly dispose of our unused medications?

Pray for McCain

John McCain absence in the senate would be a terrible loss for all Americans, especially for Mississipians. I am not sure if folks know that the McCains are from Mississippi. Great great grandfather McCain moved to Carroll County Mississippi from North Carolina in the early 1800s. The McCain family continued to live in Mississippi for the next four generations. The municipal airport in Meridian is named for Sen. McCain’s family. Though we do not all agree politically with Sen. McCain, we all respect this man of unquestioned integrity and unselfish service to our country, I will pray for his recovery; will you?

Please explain

I would like to know why the very large Christmas decorations are set up in Jones Park in July? Are they going to be there until it is really time for them? What if there is a hurricane?

Editor’s Note: As Sun Herald reported last month the lights were installed for a movie that is being filmed in the park, and the city plans to leave the lights up through New Year.

Good old days

All right! White Pillar opening. I sent many customers there and also other fine-dinning restaurants way back when. Charlie Freeman played White Pillars lounge. It had a small dance floor. White House mirror lounge was unique with a piano player and cozier feel than a lounge now. I am thankful a little past history is returning. It was the best of times. Upstairs/Downstairs for younger and older alike, Crows Nest, Bombay would be great if they returned. I miss old Biloxi and Gulfport.

Out of control

I’ve noticed that the “Big Rigs” are running on I-10 through Biloxi in all three traffic lanes in excess of 80 mph. How do i know this? I have a radar gun. They are creating deadly driving conditions. Where are the Mississippi Highway Patrol, Harrison Central Sheriff’s Department and Biloxi Police Department? Traffic on I-10 is out if control.

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