Sound Off

Sound Off for July 26: Put my unused iPhone to use in an emergency

Roaches, ick!

Huge roaches are worse than hurricanes.

Anyone know?

Are there any charitable or relief organizations which welcome contributions of unused iPhones for emergency use?

Moon Pie relativity

I can remember when the size of a Moon Pie was big enough with a RC Cola could be called a meal. Today it would hardly be an appetizer.

Role model

Why not use Jackson County’s recycle model. We have a separate smaller cans for recycling. No separating. Just toss everything in the can.


One problem when it comes to giving “wise advice” is that many people are not nearly as wise as they believe themselves to be. This can be true for anyone from one’s grandfather to the president.


Obamacare is not a disaster and is not imploding. But it is being sabotaged by conservatives who only want to serve billionaires.

No subsidies

What would you think of a major insurance company changing the rules for say, fire insurance? Using another one of their companies (FEMA) to say “fires are hotter than usual” and we now require everyone to pay a higher premium. We still have earthquakes, fires, floods and hurricanes. You can still buy all, including private flood insurance. Insurance companies adjust. I lived on the water. Never once thought it was the taxpayers’ or government’s problem to subsidize me where I chose to live.


It’s clear that President Trump naturally approaches management of his administration and the executive branch with a business manager, rather than political or federal civil service mindset. No matter what the position or the person, he’ll replace you for under performance, disloyalty to the team, lack of customer service, failure to execute or jeopardizing the security and safety of the company.

Parking problem

The wife went to get a car tag and renew her driver’s license and had to park on the third floor of the parking garage at the courthouse in Gulfport. Seems the first and second floor parking was taken up with county trucks and employee cars. Besides that, there were about 20 other people getting car tags and yet there are only three 10-minute parking spaces on the first floor. Now that makes sense. But the madam’s not mad. After all, she’s only 70 years of age. Maybe the old gal needs the exercise.

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