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Sound Off for July 25: Where are the mosquito control trucks?

Where are the mosquito control trucks, a Sound Off reader wants to know?
Where are the mosquito control trucks, a Sound Off reader wants to know? AP

Spray, please

We have only seen the mosquito control truck once in June and July in Long Beach. With all of this rain you would think you would see them more often. West Nile is out there also.

Life’s certainties

There are only three things I know for sure, death, taxes, and I will stop at the light on Veteran’s and U.S. 90.

Gold star service

A sincere thank you to the Good Samaritan who weeded and mulched the entrance to Gulf Park Estates. You have earned a gold star from a family in the area.


I live in Long Beach. In my neighborhood the trash and recycling are done as scheduled with no problems. I am thankful to those who do a thankless job.

Will miss them

We will miss Waste Pro in this part of Saucier. We have had good and reliable service. In fact, one morning while I was walking I stumbled and fell. The driver of the truck put on his brakes and the gentleman in the back of the truck ran over and helped me up. I will be forever grateful to them. They couldn’t have been more gentle and solicitous.

Bad move

My question deals with the new garbage pickup in Long Beach. I’m 80 years old and have trouble getting my current can to the curb. With a bigger can, I can’t do it. Guess I will have to leave the can on the street and carry my garbage bags to the curb. This is really horrible.

From the pros

I keep reading the articles about recycling in the Sun Herald that about only 11 percent of the residents do recycling, plus seeing commercials on TV about land fills being needlessly filled. Perhaps what Mississippi needs to do is take lessons from Wisconsin, more so Milwaukee County, where they have a very successful recycling program. They recycle more items then what is required to recycle here. In fact, recycling is mandatory and you can be fined for not recycling. Recycling was every other week also, but everyone had a 96 gallon cart, with lid on wheels. We are appalled at the recycling efforts here, but we do our part to help.

Great read

Saturday’s edition of the Sun Herald ran a feature article on the new amusement park near Foley, Alabama, named OWA. It was written by a Sun Herald reporter named Lauren Walck. It was, I believe, the most descriptive and perfectly worded article I have ever read. I do not know her, but I recognize good talent and she has it with room to spare. She is a real writer.

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