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Sound Off for July 20: Please look before crossing the tracks

A Sound Off reader asks that motorists look before crossing railroad tracks.
A Sound Off reader asks that motorists look before crossing railroad tracks. File

Answer, please

My recycle container is full every week. Will I receive an extra container when the pick up schedule changes to every other week?

Editor’s note: Each customer may have two recycling containers, according to a report earlier this week in the Sun Herald.

Perfect model

Today I went for an MRI at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Biloxi. My original appointment was for August, but yesterday they called to say they had a cancellation for today. They are checking on the possible return of cancer so I was was delighted to catch the 7:30 bus, and I was on the way home by 11:15. Sen. McCain’s treatment of his blood clot could not have been any more professional. Why not use the VA model to fix our nation’s health care?

Back to nature

People should go back to living in the wild. It makes more sense.

Trump achievements

Whatever you may think of the Trump administration, you have to give them credit for being the acid test for our freedom of the press, our voting system and the future of our democracy.

First rule of pets

Don’t get pets if you can’t take care of them for life.

Stop, look, listen?

Why are all these vehicles getting hit by trains. What happened with the common sense way of “look before you cross”? It seems to be a start of a terrible fad with all these oblivious drivers.

Thanks, police

Big thanks to the Gulfport and Biloxi police departments for the rapid response on I-10 Saturday night.

Just me?

I took my third-grader shopping for school supplies today. She attends public school, and we had a supply list for her grade supplied by the school district. On the list was four packs of 24 No. 2 pencils, pre-sharpened preferred. If each class has 20 students and each student brings the requested 96 pencils, the class would have 1,920 pencils for the year. This seems to be excessive to me. I don’t mind furnishing supplies for my child but doubt that she will use 96 pencils this year. Am I living in the dark ages or is this the norm for all schools?


Parole for O.J. Simpson? Really? That’s why people don’t believe in our justice system anymore.

Rail service needed

Since the aquarium is going to be drawing so many guests, we will need train service to the Coast to relieve congestion on U.S. 90.

Really good show

Is anyone else being entertained by the aerobatic dusk performances of bats as they clean sweep your backyard for flying insects? Amazing!

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