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Sound Off for July 19: Thanks to you for returning cell phone

A Sound Off reader wanted to say thanks to the person who turned in their lost cell phone at Target.
A Sound Off reader wanted to say thanks to the person who turned in their lost cell phone at Target. File


Middle aged men are discriminated against the most.

Winning formula

Simple, affordable and tasty is what people go for.

Just rewards

If the Republican healthcare bill replaces Obamacare as law, the result will be a “just punishment” for all those who voted for them.

Thanks so much!

To the person who found my cell phone at Target and turned it in on Friday, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so kind.


Both nationally and at state, Republicans are in power. They give much to be criticized for, but Sound Off has backed off. No criticisms allowed. Why? Either they can’t take it, or Sound Off agrees with them.

End result

I’m from the Pacific Northwest, and have seen species allowed to be fished into extinction. That’s what the Republicans want to do to the red snapper. Destroy the species forever.

Good problem

So very thankful to live in a city with the major problem being the use of golf carts. We don’t even have a golf course and yet one of the things on the agenda at one of the first board meetings is the use of golf carts. Way to go, Long Beach.

Get to work

I, like many of my friends, am openly upset with the gridlock caused by a divided Republican majority in Congress. Steven Palazzo can come down here and say he’s doing his job but it’s the others causing the problem. Well, Palazzo better work on getting the others to straighten up, because we can’t vote against them but we sure can vote against him.


I am a senior citizen on a fixed income, though I have Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance as a Mississippi state employee retiree. Well, this morning I was told I would have to pay $200 upfront for a sleep study, and I don’t have that to pay upfront. So, no sleep study. One of my (still working) co workers, in another place, has no insurance, and pays a penalty of $1,500 a year, then when she has an emergency or such, they work out a payment plan with her. Where is the justice here? Are we penalized for having insurance.

Nothing on

How right the Sound Off writer is when they said TV has gone to squat. There are none to not very many choices for us older folks like me. I couldn’t care less who some has-been celebrity dances with or who the next bachelor or bachelorette will be. I know lots do, more power to them but us older folks need something. I’ve been asking Cable One to include MeTV in the lineup.

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