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Sound Off for July 13: Statues, the Mississippi flag and a city manager’s salary

Frank Corder has been hired as the assistant city manager for the city of Pascagoula.
Frank Corder has been hired as the assistant city manager for the city of Pascagoula.

Proper words

The headline “LSU’s Orgeron anxious to get after Bama” probably should have been “eager.” Then, again, maybe “anxious” was correct.


I know this won’t be published. But, the person that thinks the perks for being in prison is lucky for the inmates, should encourage his/her children and grandchildren to apply.

What a concept

The people who actually live in New Orleans have the say about what statues are in their city. As it should be.

Not needed

A small city like Pascagoula doesn’t need an $89,000 assistant city manager. Mr. Corder was rejected by the voters when he ran for mayor but now he’s being rewarded.

Ban this

Sure wish they would make the “F” word unmentionable like the “N” word. It is degrading on society the way it is thrown around.

Legalize it

Given what my pulmonologist told me today about the damage tobacco did to my lungs, perhaps it is time to legalize marijuana in Mississippi, as it has not been definitely proven to damage lungs. In other words, put tobacco on the black market (the way liquor was done in the 1950s in Mississippi) and legalize marijuana. Either way, people will find it.

Stay tuned

What new family secret will be revealed next? Is the skeleton in the closet really a Russian? Will little brother ever utter anything useful? Stay tuned for the next golden hour, sure to come soon.

Consider this

Is the Stennis Flag still being proposed to replace the current state flag? I love the design in how it includes the past, present and future.

Great game

Thanks for touting Pickleball, which is the fastest growing sport in the world. Not only is it good for seniors, it is good for all ages. Young people are also falling in love with the game, and it is being taught in schools. It is a sport for all ages.

Thanks for flying

I want to thank the new mayors of Pascagoula and Ocean Springs for flying the Mississippi State Flag again. If any state municipality (city, county, state) refuses to fly their state flag, they should be penalized somehow. That also goes for all of the state universities. If you don’t like our flag, leave. It does not represent hate, it’s heritage. Our flag flew for a long time without any problems. Our state flag has not kept anyone from coming to our state. God Bless America and our state.

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