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Sound Off for July 12: When will Orange Grove get full city services?

A Sound Off writer wants to know when will Orange Grove get some improvements?
A Sound Off writer wants to know when will Orange Grove get some improvements? Biloxi

Think ahead

People aren’t thinking far enough into the future.

Say what?

Just saw the Mississippi Gulf Coast got picked as one of the top five vacation locations in the U.S. I thought the state flag was hurting us?


Is Gulfport ever going to complete the sewer project on Orange Grove Road? This has been going on since mid April.

What about this?

There are many different ideas about solving the health care problems. But no one is pushing the American Medical Association or Big Pharma to work on lowering their costs for medical care?

Spending elsewhere

I’ve just written to the Ocean Springs retail sites where we do business to advise that we’ll be shopping out-of-town for as long as the Mississippi flag flies over the Ocean Springs City Hall.

Pay attention to OG!

My last two submissions to Sound Off regarding my opposition to the work being done on Courthouse Road and the new aquarium were never published. Is it because I stated that I live in “occupied” Orange Grove, and it seems that the only thing Gulfport wants from us is our tax money and to keep our mouths shut? Not going to happen. We were promised full city services within five years when we were annexed over 20 years ago and that didn’t happen either. We have watched as areas of old Gulfport have had repairs done to existing sewer and water lines. Parts of 2nd Street were torn up and repaired twice and now 28th Street’s sewer lines are being replaced. I’m still on a septic system and a trash pile in front of my house has been there for four months now. When I call, I’m told that matter has been resolved. Looks to me like the only thing that has been resolved is that Orange Grove is being ignored.

Fix this!

Sitting in the inside turning lane on Popp’s Ferry Road for a left turn onto Cedar Lake Road made me very nervous the other day. A car driving south on Cedar Lake (at a red light) in the outside turning lane for westbound Popp’s Ferry barely paused and then proceeded to pull out into oncoming westbound Popp’s Ferry traffic. I thought I was a sitting duck. Had one of the two vehicles westbound hit this turning car I and many other cars waiting for the green light would have been involved in a horrible wreck. The City of Biloxi needs to re-examine the outside turning lane for a right turn on red. In fact, as I have seen in other cities a sign below the light should state “No Right Turn on Red.”

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