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Sound Off for July 10: Plant now for a fall tomato harvest

A Sound Off reader says it’s time to plant now for fall tomato harvest.
A Sound Off reader says it’s time to plant now for fall tomato harvest. MCT

Tomato tip

For you tomato growers, I heard on the radio that now is the time to plant them for your fall garden. Some say they have better luck in the fall with tomatoes.

Basic business

I have seen a lot of Sound Off comments saying the county shouldn’t deliver less service for more money. I don’t think the commenters understand the situation. Harrison County had a contract with a private firm for garbage service. That contract is expiring or has expired and the old terms are not on the table anymore. I don’t know if the current deal is the best the county could get, but the old deal expired with the contract. That is not bad management but basic business.

How it works

In response to “city vs. county,” the garbage contract was approved by the Harrison County Utility Authority, which has a board that includes the mayor of each city. Then-Mayor Billy Skellie of Long Beach sat on the board and he is a resident of Long Beach. Get your facts right before you comment.

Good start

“These are the values Americans should defend” — Sun Herald editorial board. Not as strong as I would have put it, but I’ll take it as a good start. Our print press tells the truth; propagandists create “fake news.”

Helping the people

No one is going to clean the bottom of the Gulf. We will have to endure that environmental disaster down deep until nature cleans it, if it ever does. The money is to help people financially hurt by the oil spill.

Safety hazard

I’m very happy about the new light being put up at Cowan/East Taylor in Gulfport, but I’m very concerned about the visibility of the light when approaching it from the south (going north). The small trees in the median totally obscure the light in the daytime. If a big truck approaches going fast, it will have no way to stop. I love those small trees but they are a safety hazard. Perhaps the city could remove every other or every third one to improve visibility.

End the distraction

While traveling south on Cowan-Lorraine road and stopping at a red light a car almost rear-ended me. Brakes squealing got my attention and I immediately looked in my rear view mirror and braced for impact. Thankfully the car stopped mere inches from me. This “almost event” is repeated daily by distracted drivers!

Green power

According to recent statistics in the paper, the Lamar solar cell complex cost 100 million to supply electricity to 8,000 homes. The Kemper plant cost 7.5 billion. That money would have built 75 solar complexes to supply 600,000 homes for the same cost. Who makes these decisions?

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