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Sound Off: We need more ambulances in South Mississippi


Need ambulances

As we were coming home after the fireworks from downtown Gulfport an ambulance passed us at 25th and 30th Avenue going north. They were fighting traffic trying to respond to an emergency. The ambulance was seen at O'Neal Road on 49 still going north. We have this happening all the time. Ambulances are having to come from north of the interstate to respond to emergencies in the Orange grove and Lyman area and north on U.S. 49. We have been trying to get a permanent ambulance service for at least 20 years. We need a permanent ambulance station manned 24/7 at the Orange Grove Community Center. Is this too much to ask, since most of the taxpayers are north of the interstate. Give us the emergency service we deserve. Who do we need to contact to get some action?

Thank you

Thank you, Shirley A. Miller, for your well-written, informative letter to the editor.

Horrible stuff

All of the climate predictions fell flat? Does the Sound Off writer live on this planet? Does he read or see news other than Fox? Horrible things are happening to our planet every day.

Good to see growth

I really enjoy the Sun Herald publishing building permits and new construction information. It's nice to know confidence in our state's future is spreading through out the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

One entity

I think Harrison County and all city schools in the county need to become one entity. How many companies are asking their workers to do more? It's only fair.

Tagless on wheels

Today, (Thursday) between the east city limits of Biloxi on U.S. 90 west to Edgewater Mall, I observed three vehicles with no tags. One was moving very erratically and dangerously. I saw no Biloxi police cars anywhere. Are they understaffed? Maybe it was just coincidental, or is that the norm? Then, returning east before crossing into Ocean Springs, I ended up behind two pickups pulling trailers with no tags on them. Where is law enforcement?

‘If it ain’t broke’

As Garfield said in today's comics, "If it ain't broke." So why are we getting rid of our great trash and recycling pickup service? I am an old lady, and my pickup young man rolls my trash can to the curb for pickup and replaces it. You can't beat that for service. Why can't the powers that be just leave what's working alone?

Human rights degree

Every state should have a college that offers a degree in human rights.

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