Sound Off

Sound Off for July 7: Put the fireworks away until the next holiday

People can see fireworks at the Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo and Gulfport Small Craft Harbor at 8:45 p.m. Tuesday
People can see fireworks at the Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo and Gulfport Small Craft Harbor at 8:45 p.m. Tuesday

He’s not Jesus

As a Republican conservative Anglo who did not like President Obama and less so Hillary, I find it repugnant that one of your readers compares and equates President Trump with Jesus Christ. It’s beyond the pale and I find it repugnant for you to print it. I wager you won’t print this. Trump is our president but he’s way too hateful and nasty to be given status with Christ, Allah, Buddha, the Pope or any other great lover of mankind.

Take my trash, please

Our bill is going up, and the number of days our trash will be picked up is going down so that we can have cameras in our trash cans? Really? Keep your cameras and take my stinky trash. Technology is not always better.

Trouble at tracks

After getting in the traffic leaving the July 4 fireworks show in Gulfport, I was reminded again of the urgent need for some stop sign or traffic light at the corner of 20th Avenue and Railroad Street. Even under normal traffic conditions, westbound drivers turning south cannot see over the tracks. Even if drivers are going north, we still can't see south of the tracks. This is one of several dangerous elevated railroad crossings along the Coast, but probably the worst I've ever seen. Isn't there a state law to stop at railroad crossings? There is no sign at that one, and even if there were, drivers still can't see south of the tracks.

Good idea

While I am very reluctant to give money to a supposedly homeless person who is supposedly unable to find work, I would be very interested in supporting the program Ocean Springs is considering. Let's see it also created on Mississippi's West Coast.

Fix Greenwood

My wife and I are Ward 4 residents, but we both agree the city should really do something about Greenwood Drive in west Biloxi. The street is full of potholes and is in dire need of repair. This may not be our ward, but it's certainly part of our city. No one should have to live with streets in that condition. I hope it's on the agenda to get it fixed.

Sleep deprived, angry

For the fifth night in a row, the bangs and booms of illegal fireworks are disturbing sleep and pets within the city limits of Gulfport. The Fourth of July fireworks shows over the water in our Coast cities are great fun. They are awesome, safe, and the times are announced. But random, illegal shooting of fireworks inland as late as midnight for days before and after the holiday is unnerving and dangerous. Is there no way to put a stop to this?