Sound Off

Sound Off for July 6: Please keep cellphone conversations private, not on speaker

Say what?

This morning, on the local news I heard pilot pronounced as “paw-let,” When did the pronunciation of the letter “i” become a short “a”? I’m hearing smile as small, mile as mall, and while as wall. Maybe, “I walked a mall to the mall, wall I small all the way,” is acceptable.

Number needed

Signs need to be posted in various areas stating “To report littering, call this number.”

Opposite of leadership

I learned in the military that leaders should set the example by their own actions. Trump’s vicious nonstop tweeting and Christie’s pompous beach “sit in” make it clear that neither understands leadership. Sadly, the GOP will suffer for their actions.

Talk privately

For those too obtuse to recognize it, using your mobile phone with the speaker on in public is incredibly irritating to those around you, and nowhere more than in dining establishments. If you can’t hear on your phone without the speaker, please go to a location where others don’t have to listen to that grating sound. All the world thanks you.

No insult needed

We all know President Trump says some off-the-wall things. But Mr. Hosemann could have taken the high road and just said, “No, I’m not sending the voter rolls.” No insults were needed. Set an example for others to follow.

What are our rights?

I challenge local officials, particularly agencies bearing responsibility for civil order, to access “illegal fireworks causing house fires.” It is mind boggling how many instances are shown. I ask, what right do we have legally if such misfortune should be our fate at the hands of our neighbors? What’s the chain of responsibility: neighbor, local officials, firework vendors? Also harmed: the elderly, shut-ins, those with nervous system/mental disorders, pets, etc. In my 80s, and we had no more than sparklers and basic fireworks. Not the array of fireworks equivalent to the larger public displays. Shame.

No comparison

I cannot believe I just read a Sound Off comparing Donald Trump to Jesus Christ.

Thanks a lot

A big thanks to those visitors on July 4 to Long Beach Harbor who left your garbage in the parking lot and beaches, rather than pick it up and dispose of properly (littering). Thanks also to those who built fires on the beach and left the debris. Also to those who continued shooting fireworks dangerously around families, since Long Beach does not have a designated family area. Lastly, those who continued shooting after 10 p.m., you obviously don’t have jobs. All your parents must be proud of you.

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