Sound Off

Sound Off for July 5: We don’t need less for more; renew current garbage contract

Big difference

If you don’t know the difference between riding in the back of a pickup truck and a golf cart you must have ridden in the back of a pickup and fell out on your head!

Clever scheme

The deception was a clever scheme. Republican-run states hurt Obamacare by not expanding Medicaid, which increased costs and made it unpopular. Republicans called for repeal and won elections. Now Republicans get to cut payments meant to help people buy healthcare. First no Medicaid expansion, then even higher health insurance? Self-harm voters have been played — and they still don’t get it!

Strong rhetoric

Every man has a right to defend himself when he is verbally attacked by his critics. While the news media says the president should rise above such criticism, it may interest folks to know that Jesus spoke out harshly to the men who criticized him. Some even mocked him for claiming to be God’s son and said he was illegitimate. But Jesus did not keep silent, he called such critics snakes and vipers and hypocrites! So it leaves me to wonder, if the news media had been reporting on Jesus back then, would they have suggested our Lord rise above such criticism and tone down his rhetoric?

If it ain’t broke

I love living in the City of Biloxi because of all the wonderful services we receive, including garbage pick-up twice a week. But for some reason, I read that residents are going to be charged more, yet pick up is going to be only once a week. I’ve always recycled all items and would love to have a large can on wheels. But if it is not broken, don’t fix it. Let’s save the citizens money and renew our current contract.

The real enemy

If the Public Service Commission would spend a much time and energy going after robo-calls and telemarketers as they do against the Kemper plant, maybe we might get a break from these unwanted calls.

Save the sharks

The wasteful acts of harvesting Mississippi’s valuable marine resources is tragic. I’m speaking of the fish that are caught for the sole purpose of being put on public display. They are not consumed but simply disposed of! Yes, I’m speaking of shark-killing. These animals provide a valuable service to our Mississippi Sound, they are Mother Nature’s vacuum service. Let’s stop being wasteful and figure out another way to have a non-killing rodeo!

Falling flat?

The climate change cabal, led by Al Gore, has predicted for decades the imminent demise of the planet because of man. All of the predictions have fallen flat, but never fear, they just keep making more. Climate does change and industrialization can be negative, but the cabal is about a money shakedown.

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