Sound Off

Sound Off for July 4: Where is recycling really going?


The possibility that any recycling ends up in the trash is a very good one. Our local post office has a large recycling container in the lobby available to customers to put in any paper items. I’ve watched them empty the recycling bin into the trash on several occasions. And no one can give me an explanation. So don’t assume any of the things you so carefully try to recycle end up anywhere other than the trash.

Sound advice

Someone needs to tell Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann to study up on his geography, because one can’t jump into the Gulf of Mexico from Mississippi. The waters south of Mississippi and most of Alabama are known as the Mississippi Sound, getting its name from the Mississippi River.

Build that mountain

As I pass downtown Gulfport, I see a mountain being constructed, an expensive red clay mountain that is going to drain our city for decades to come at the expense of tax payers. But that’s OK, the mayor and Council (those who voted for it) will own it. There are so many other projects we could have had, such as a skate park for those who need a place to show off their talents or a dog park, which is common to most cities. I think the Aquarium is one project that should have been put to a citywide vote. Maybe my math is different from yours, but it doesn’t add up. I hope I am wrong.

Must be a solution

Isn’t it amazing that we can come up with a surveillance camera and a microchip to track garbage and recycling cans? However, we can’t come up with a way to keep children and animals left in vehicles from dying of heat exhaustion. Modern tech knowledge needs revamping.

Land that I love

I am so happy to have a president who loves the American flag and what it stands for. I’m so thankful for all those men and women who put their lives on the line in defense of our freedom because oh, so many didn’t make it back home. They know the value of the American flag; just ask a veteran. This land is a choice land above all others. God inspired those who framed the Constitution to help keep it a choice land, and it has lasted over 200 years. Now we can see how the Constitution is being attacked, with a possible result of our losing this land, the land of the United States of America that I love.

Independents needed

To yesterday’s ‘Independence’ Sound Off: Everyone should deeply consider your opinion. Lifetime party affiliation simply because your family has done it for decades is shallow thinking. On this Independence Day, and for our democracy, we need strong “independent” voters who truly represent “we the people.”

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