Sound Off

Sound Off: Ocean Springs PD takes animal neglect seriously


Can’t do it

You can’t get a square egg from a round chicken.


We need better tornado shelters.

Fine example

Trump needs to learn from Obama who knew how to handle much worse. Obama always acted presidential while Trump is showing no class at all.


While the left marches for increased minimum wage, McDonald’s leads the way for robots to replace employees. Other fast foods to follow. A pizza company in California can make and deliver your pizza in a truck in four minutes. Bank tellers will be extinct soon. Entry level jobs and soon complex jobs will be rare. Robots don’t get sick, sue, join unions or get paid.

Bring it on

I invite all you flag-haters, illegal-immigrant lovers, Obamacare-subsidized recipients, and partakers from the federal trough without adding a drop of your own to it, to keep complaining and disrespecting the president. He can take it and also give you a little back. Way to go, Prez!


A big “shout out” to the Ocean Srings Police Department to thank them for responding quickly to an animal neglect concern. It is heart-breaking to see innocent animals treated in an inhumane way and thankfully, due to the quick response of the OSPD, the situation for this animal was greatly improved. Thank you for OSPD for caring and taking a situation of neglect seriously.

Stop it

Recent tornado warnings as of late have been mere water spout sightings. Yes, I understand that water spouts once over land are classified weak EF-0 tornadoes. However, activation of the Emergency Management System for such normal Gulf Coast summer (over water) thunderstorm events is EMS overkill. Proper Public Summer Weather Education should be considered and constant screaming wolf should be strictly avoided.

Back off

“Traffic solution,” while you’re correct on the involvement of 18 wheelers and correlating the serious nature of recent accidents, you’re solution will not work. I-10 has been a “60 mph” zone for quite some time now in construction areas (testing your hypothesis) and accidents have risen along with traffic congestion. It is not excessive linear speeds or improper lane usage (of any type of vehicle or big rig) that needs addressing. It is the incessant tailgating by trains of vehicles. Stop the tailgating madness people and give yourself room to react because you are not in the Daytona 500, Earnhardt fans. Officers need to police and enforce this tailgating insanity.

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